John A. Patten Island

John A. Patten Island is a primitive, wooded retreat that seems far from civilization but is only a half an hour paddle from the busy, suburban neighborhoods of northeastern Hamilton County.

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Located in Harrison Bay, the 100 acre island and its sister islands are all that remain of the town of Harrison, which was flooded by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) when Chickamauga Lake was formed in 1940.

In addition to seeing a wide range of wildlife on the island, including deer, turkey, waterfowl, eagle and osprey, adventurers can also see remnants of the old town, especially when road beds and house foundations are exposed by low lake levels in winter.

The island can be accessed by canoe, kayak and SUP from launches at Harrison Bay State Park to the east and north.

WARNING: There are no trails on John A. Patten Island, so a compass is highly recommended.

TVA Recreation Map
(Look for Harrison Bay Boat Launches)
Rules Governing Use of Undeveloped TVA Recreation Lands

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Flat water paddling, hunting, fishing, mountain biking (Harrison Bay State Park)

Distance from Outdoor Chattanooga to Harrison Bay State Park
17.5 miles | 28 minutes

GPS Coordinates (John A. Patten Island)
35.155776, -85.132469

Google Map (Including boat launches)

Dates | Hours
Open year round
TWRA hunting regulations and dates apply

Contact Information
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tennessee Valley Authority
Harrison Bay State Park
8411 Harrison Bay Rd.
Harrison, TN 37341
Harrison Bay State Park

John A. Patten Island